Handmade since 1989LIVE LARGE

In the late 80's and early 90's a boardsport store established itself in Würzburg far beyond the city limits.
Eightball was born!

Here the Würzburg skate scene, snowboarders, stylists, rappers, hip-hoppers, breakdancers, ravers and sprayers met to make common cause.

There was never a lack of ideas, the scene was young, creative and always over-the-top. Whether skate events, snowboard trips or breakdance conventions at the Hotspot Airport, Boot....the Eightball stickers & banners were never to be overlooked.

The legendary BLACK 8
At a time when the fax machine was considered the best invention in the world, people sat together and worked hard. The ideas and inspirations from that time can still not be paid with money.

Logos, designs and statements were created which were screen printed by hand on T-shirts/sweats and coach jackets and all this in small quantities. These pieces were much sought-after but strictly limited.

Whoever could get hold of a t-shirt was the hero.

Eightball has gone down in history and the prints and designs are still present, legendary and sought after.

We still love what we do!



1989 - 2008